How to collect System Information using PowerShell

You don’t need to install 3rd party programs to get information about your computer system. With Windows PowerShell you can pull out all the system information you need.

Emco Ping Monitor Tool

I recently had an issue convincing my ISP that my Internet connection was unstable, on a daily basis. For that I needed a good tool, and found this free Network Ping Monitor tool

How to move Hyper-v Storage location using Powershell

If you need to move one or more Virtual Machines in Hyper-V, you can do that, using PowerShell.

Review of Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD M.2

I recently bought a new SSD drive for my desktop computer, but not just a regular SATA SSD, but an M.2 drive.

What I learned while moving to a new domain

In this post I will talk about what I learned when I recently moved my WordPress blog to a new domain name.