About Me

Welcome to my blog

My name is Thomas and I am the owner of this blog, I founded back in 2010. This blog is only a hobby project. I have a normal fulltime job in the IT business, as a system administrator. In fact I have been working in the business since 1996. By the way I am from Denmark, a small country in Scandinavia that you might never have heard of.

Map of Denmark

About this blog

My mission with this blog is to share a lot of knowledge I come a long in the big geeky world of IT. I write about the following topics:

  • WordPress and Blogging
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Tech Review and Tutorials
  • Mobile phones and Tablets
  • Electronic and Gadgets
  • Software and Apps
  • Social Media and SEO

I don’t accept Guest posts

Sorry, but I don’t accept any kind of guest post, not even if you want to pay me for it. I like the fact that every word on this blog is written by myself and I want to keep it that way. If you have a product, you think I will be interested in and maybe even want to write a review on, please drop me a message using this contact form