My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q3 2013

This report might a bit late (about a month), but I still hope that you find it interesting to see what brings traffic to my blog and maybe share your own traffic experiences with me in the comment section. I am still struggling to get some of my lost Google traffic back, but it seems like an impossible task. The big changes Google made back in May 2013 with the Google Penguin 2.0 update cost me half my traffic and it looks like I am pretty much stuck at that level. I still have no clue why Google from one day to another dropped my ranking that much, but I guess that I have to live with that.

My Google Analytics Stats for Q3 2013

Traffic Types:

  • Search Engines: 48.60%Google Analytics
  • Direct Traffic: 30.16%
  • Referring Sites: 21.15%
  • Other traffic: 0.10%

As you can see, my traffic from Search Engines is below 50% meaning that I am not that vulnerable to changes in Search ranking.

Search Engines:

  1. Google: 89.54%
  2. Bing: 5.90%
  3. Yahoo: 3.56%

Google is still the “King of Search” and Bing and Yahoo is tailing long behind.

Top 5 Referring Sites:

  4. T.CO (Twitter)
  5. is new at spot 5, but other than that my top 5 sites is the same when it comes to referring sites.

Top 10 visitors by Country:

My top 10 visitors in traffic ordered by geographic.

Google Analytics Map Overlay

United States
United Kingdom

United States is still number one, when it comes to visitors at my blog. Denmark is still number two, but it is clear to me that it is the English speaking country is dominating this list. Not really a big surprise to me.

Conclusion on my Traffic Report

My traffic has been somewhat steady for the last 3 months. Not many changes despite the fact that I have not been that active in the period. I hope that I can find better time for the months to come to post interesting Technology posts.  Finally, I would love to hear how your blog has been doing for the last couple of months. Please drop me a comment below and share your own experiences.

About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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29 Responses to My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q3 2013

  1. Dean says:

    Hi Thomas. I find your traffic report interesting for me. Since the Google changes I am getting most of my traffic from Google. I get some with Facebook and Google plus, but my traffic is primarily organic. I virtually never get Stumbleupon traffic and my twitter is very low as well… so I have NO idea what I am doing wrong there. Thanks for the article. cheers, Dean

  2. Hi Thomas,
    The Google algorithm changes have affected many, it would seem, but I’m mainly wondering whether you’ve been able to replace an of that with social media referral traffic. I’ve heard websites can really vary on the amount of traffic they get from search engines anyway. Is there a reason, do you think, why your site was particularly dependent on search engine traffic and are there ways you believe webmasters can simply get around the new search engine realities? I’d love if you could share your thoughts in the comment section on BizSugar so our entire community could benefit.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hi Thomas, Yes, my traffic from Pinterest and StumbleUpon have increased as has my Twitter traffic. Google is creeping back very slowly but that may be because there have been so many tech announcements this fall.

    Thanks for sharing your stats with us, Thomas!

  4. Juan says:

    I don’t like to get traffic from social networking. Google is good but the changing that Google made, make my blog not receive much traffic

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Juan
      Why don’t you like traffic from Social networking..?? It is often people that might already know your blog. Google can change the rule of the game over night, but Social Media we can do a lot our self to attract visitors.

      • Juan says:

        I’m not totally don’t like traffic from social networking, but it seems I need always tu copy paste or share my post link to Facebook. But google will automatically index my blog and just wait to receive traffic. But I agree with you, Google can change the rule of the game over night. Thats mean I need to put more effort to drive traffic from social networking

  5. obaid says:

    very nice and so informative post.
    i am going to add your blog in list of cummnt luv enabled blog list, you can check it. please vist and say thanks.
    i have daily 500 vistor this will help you to increase your traffic.

  6. Thomas says:

    Hi Pankaj
    48% is actually a lot lower than what I had before the Google Penguin update. It used to be between 65-70% back then.

  7. sameer says:

    hi thomas
    nice traffic you have.and its nice to see that your traffic is coming from Google.Keep it up and thank you for sharing

  8. Seeing your analytics statistics here is inspiring and directive for a blogging person. Thanks for your suggestion about justretweet and bufferapp sites for more exposure on social media. Two points are very impressive in this report. One is USA visitor on no. 1 spot and second is 48% organic traffic share.

  9. Mayank says:

    This is all in percentage but not in actual numbers. It would be really nice if you could share your numbers.

  10. Ahsan says:

    Google analytic is certainly best place to monitor a website. It is good to see you are getting good traffic from USA & India. It will boost your earning too. Happy blogging

  11. Pau says:

    Thank you Thomas. Have you noticed strange things happening to your stats lately? I only made my blog about 2 months ago so I am not sure if what I am seeing is normal, but I’m finding it impossible to rank in Google (I am 8th in Yahoo and 4th in Bing for my main keyword), and have been seeing some really strange things for the last 3 weeks or so.

    I actually don’t trust them at all anymore. My number of unique visitors for the site has actually been decreasing, which should be impossible, and Google suddenly tells me many of my visitors stay for 0.00s which is bringing my average stay down by a lot (it used to be a good 6min, now suddenly down to less than 2). It’s almost like they are sabotaging my statistics on purpose to keep my ranking low (or nonexistent).

    It’s indeed very strange and it makes me wonder if we can trust the analytics at all anymore. What do you think?

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Pay
      I know that stats is interesting when you have your own blog and we all want to improve each month. The thing is that Google has a lot of power these days and they can change the rules of Search overnight. I have been hit badly multiple times and there is not much to do about it. My best advice for you is to write blog post for your readers and not for Search Engines. If you have quality posts, your readers will come back again for more updates. We cannot control Google and they are not going to tell us what they have changed.

  12. Alysha says:

    Excellent Analysis and this is amazing result. Can you tell me what type of task you done for Google search engine ?

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Alysha
      I don’t know if I have done anything special to get traffic from Google, besides installed the “All In One SEO Pack” plugin on my blog.

  13. Shalin says:

    Hi Thomas,

    your organic traffic seems to be working fine. But I don’t understand how a blog this level with many traffic has a very slow growth

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Shalin
      It has not always been like that. I have in the past have a big growth, but a couple of changes from Google Search Engine and the fact that I have not been that active writing new post for the last couple of month has changed a lot on this blog.

  14. Jason Benway says:

    Thanks for sharing your stats. I’m impressed that stumbleupon is your top referrer, I haven’t used stumbleupon in a long time. Do your submit your own post? I thought they used to frown on that.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Jason
      Stumbleupon has been great for me lately and I do often Submit my own post, but also posts from other sites and blog I find interesting.

  15. Naveen says:

    89.54 % google search traffic is outstanding. Give us some tips to increase google search traffic

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Naveen
      I think you have miss read my numbers. Overall my traffic from Search Engines is at 48.60%, but when I look only at traffic from Search Engines Google has 89.54% of all Search Engines traffic. Bing and Yahoo, doesn’t stand a change when it comes to Search Engines.

  16. sonesh says:

    Thanks for sharing your traffic report
    Its motivates many bloggers

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